About Us


Hi! My name is David Lee…

I am an Equities & Derivatives Remisier attached with JF Apex Securities Bhd. Me and my team provide daily market commentaries and trading ideas to help clients make money with lesser risk in stocks and futures.

Besides that, I am also the Chief Trainer to Intensive Futures Program and Co-founder of davidleetgy.com. My active roles in this industry have led me to collaborate with investment banks, financial market event companies and universities in Malaysia on sharing my expertise to the people. I share people on how to understand the market works and how an investor/trader can profit while keeping their risks well managed.

I specialize in studying Technical Analysis and research from successful traders. Then, I apply it to the real-world of trading, And finally, I share my knowledge with you all so you can become a consistently profitable trader.

The cold hard truth

I wasn’t born to be consistent profitable trader. The reality was I’m a losing trader despite learning so many trading strategies. From raw price action to indicators. You name it, I probably would have tried it.

During my earlier years of my trading journey, I had lost nearly 70% of my trading capital. I am emotionally frustrated and exhausted.

My “AHA” moment…

Then, I start to question myself: “why those professional traders able to make money year in and year out? What is the difference between me and them?”

I then realized my biggest mistake is that I always change trading strategies & not being disciplined. I need to have a consistent set of trading strategies. 

I started to stick to one trading system that suit my lifestyle and manage my risk first; never limiting my profits.

When I understood this important rules, everything started to make sense.

I recovered all my trading losses in less than 3 months, become consistently profitable and never looked back.

By then I realized and learned another thing in life. Hence I have this philosophy: “No matter how good your investment skills is, IT IS STILL USELESS if you did not take advantage on risk transfer instruments!”

Why transfer risks? Life is full of emergencies and uncertainties. Your health maybe at risk in the future. Without a good health, your investment profits mean nothing because you cannot enjoy it.

Health care has been a huge issue in the world, particularly, affordability and best health care.

If you need surgery and have no money set aside for your portion of the bill, you could be in a rough spot. You may even forgo the surgery because you do not have the money to take care yourself. With inflation always growing, medical bills nowadays are expensive enough to burn away your savings and hard earned investment profits. You deserve to the best care without burning your hard earned money. After all, you are not investing your assets for doctors to profit.

Hence, me and my team expanded our services to insurance: specifically protection, medical, education fund and zero risk investments.

Therefore the two best friends you need for your wealth are: Aggressive instruments and Insurance. I strongly believes by combining aggressive growth instruments with insurance, your wealth will always be growing and protected.