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David Lee & TGY ByDavid Lee & TGY

Futures Market Seminar (JB)

Howdy JB Traders!

We are coming to Johor Bahru on 15 July 2017 (sat) for an Event : Jumpstart Your Futures Trading for Consistent Profits!

Let’s us do the necessary to make 2017 as the best trading year for us!

Hope my sharing will sharpen your trading skills. See you there! ūüėČ

What will you learn in this seminar:

  1. Why 95% traders lose money in FKLI/ FCPO

  2. How you can trade FKLI /FCPO, the professional way

  3. How you can apply Trend Following & Swing trading in FKLI /FCPO

  4. How you can spot a good trading setup

and etc…

Click here to claim your seat!

David Lee & TGY ByDavid Lee & TGY


Every Problem Has A Solution. You Just Have To Be Creative Enough To Find It” –Travis Kalanick

Your trading problems can be creatively solved too!

Your solutions are right there!

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David Lee & TGY ByDavid Lee & TGY

How to grow your fund into $1 million?


Nowadays, seems like everyone aim to grow their fund into $1 million. Here is the table that summarize exactly how much you need to save / invest every month in order to grow your fund into $1 million.

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David Lee & TGY ByDavid Lee & TGY

50/20/30 rule to solid financial foundation


The first step towards getting a strong financial future is to budget. One of the simplest yet effective rule of budgeting is the 50/20/30 rule. This rule helps a lot in creating and maintaining your financial security, regardless whether you are a fresh graduate who earned your first salary or a successful businessman.

You can make slight adjustments¬†here and there, but by staying close to this rule, you will definitely see great positive changes in your financial security. So let’s get started!

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David Lee & TGY ByDavid Lee & TGY

With just RM10/day, you can have a RM124,000.


Everybody dreams of having at least 6 /7digits amount in his/her savings account. To ordinary people, it may be an impossible dream. However what if I told you that this is POSSIBLE for everyone. All you need are discipline & action. Since it is possible, are you willing to do to achieve it?!

Here’s what you need to do.

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David Lee & TGY ByDavid Lee & TGY

Dignity Or Poverty ? Create A way or create an Excuse?


I have seen real cases about Malaysians retire with no dignity. Too many retirees are struggling to make ends meet. True story! It’s a worrisome trend that even EPF mentioned this:


and Bank Negara mentioned this:


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