Intensive Futures program

Our Intensive Futures Program can help you be profitable trader in the futures market.

You will learn to consistently catch profitable trends with less risks.

In short, you will gain practical skills that will helps you create another source of income. These skills stay with you throughout your trading career.


Why Choose Us

Strong Supportive Mentor & Team

You will be invited to our pro member area, where we share daily futures trade setups & our program updates. You will also get direct contact to the Mentor.

Personalized & Focused Approach

The Program is conducted in small class for a personalized & focused approach in helping you to improve your trading & shortens your learning curve.

Trade Alerts & Proven Results

Access to our private trading signals from mentor himself. We keep things transparent, you will be informed of all trades whenever the mentor enters or exits markets. We believe from there you will learn more.

Study Materials

Our course are divided into many modules. You will receive our study materials for your future references.

All in One Premium Trading Course

Life time access to our detailed trading setups (Trend Following & Price action system and our flagship TLSC & MTF setups). We teach you how to spot high probability trades and learn our advanced setting target/stop setups and advanced re-entry patterns

One time payment & Lifetime membership

Lifetime practical guidance during live market hours and you will also enjoy unlimited lifetime updates to our program & pro member area info.

This Program is for you, If you...

Want to understand what the market is trying to tell you, clarity on how the market ebbs & flows

Get valuable knowledge & clarity on the strategies you are learning


This program is not for you,If you:

Do not want to invest your effort. Your earning potential is unlimited but it can only be achieved with your determination & effort. If a person asks for "the zero-effort way", it means "I am not fully invested in the long term success of my business".

If you want to get rich quick

If you are not open minded to improve your trading skills.

Our Students say...

Learn from the very best!

Make your trading dream a reality with us!

Here are available dates for the month:

  • 10 February 2018 (Sat), 9.00am -4.00pm, Kelana Sqaure, PJ
  • 25 Feb 2018 (Sun), 1.00pm -7.30pm, TBC
  • 3 Mar 2018 (Sat), 9.00 am - 4.00pm, TBC

Select your payment options below


RM 833/month for 6 installments


Most affordable option


Debit/Credit card one time payment.


Best Value

(RM1,000 discount)


Bank in/transfer in to our company current account.

Maybank : DYY Capital Solutions 5123 9807 4401

Then send the payment slip, with name, email, your selected date to +6017 875 8817


best value

(rm1,000 discount)

"If you think education is expensive, try to learn the lesson from the markets. You are going to end up paying more for the “education”!"

Frequently asked questions

1) “I’m from another state in Malaysia, how can I attend your class?”

We do regularly conduct classes in Johor, Penang, Ipoh, Kuching and etc.

If you are from other state in Malaysia, you can simply whatapps us @ 017 875 8817. We will make special arrangement for your convenience.

2) “Is a 1 day theory class is enough for me to become a better trader?”


The 1 day class is enough for our trainer to teach you all the important theories & trading techniques. However, trading is a lifelong journey. After the theory class ends, you will get access to our pro member area where you can get the latest trade ideas and continuous support from us. Besides that, you will get unlimited revision class, trade alerts & our trainer will also guide you during live market hours. In addition, we highly encourage our members to whatsapp us if they have any questions. So what we trying to say is trading is not a 1 day job and you will need all the continuing support throughout your trading journey.

3) “Can I buy the trading alerts only but I do not want to attend the Intensive Futures Program to learn the techniques?”


Well the answer is no. This is because relying on trading alerts alone will not help you become a successful trader. The reason we offer trade alerts to our program’s participants because we want to keep things real and transparent. We don’t want to be those educators out there who teach you 1 thing but the educators themselves do not actually trade the markets. Besides that, our trade alerts are just tools to help you better understand why we buy or sell the market at that time.

4) “How many participants per class?”


The program is conducted in small class for a personalized & focused approach in helping you to improve your trading & shortens your learning curve. Hence we limit our class to max 4 person per class. 

5)”Do I need to pay any yearly or monthly subscription after attend the class?”


No, there are no hidden fees in this program. Our program is lifetime membership. You can enjoy our unlimited lifetime updates to our program & pro member area without any extra charges.

6)”After the class I still don’t understand the techniques, what can I do?”


We are highly encourage our member to reach us whenever they have questions or feel lost in their trading. You will have direct contact from our trainer. or you can also request for a revision class without any extra charges. As mentioned, trading is a journey and we will be there to guide you along the way.