Services We Provide


We provide a strong platform for you to trade Aggressive Instructments (Stocks and Derivatives market) in order to grow your wealth :

  1. A Trading platform to trade Malaysia & Oversea Stocks Market 
  2. A Trading platform to trade Malaysia & Oversea Derivatives Market
  3. FREE charting platforms
  4. FREE daily market commentaries and trade ideas
  5. Able to join to our exclusive trading club

**with competitive brokerage fees & services you cannot get elsewhere**

Besides that, we do provide Intensive Futures Program to help you understand the futures market and how to consistently catch profitable trends with less risks. Our program is a lifelong mentoring program with trade signals from the mentor himself. You are also entitled to enjoy an advanced charting platform to help you achieve your trading goals. In short, you will gain practical skills that will helps you create another source of income. These skills stay with you throughout your trading career.



That being said, my philosophy is: “No matter how good your investment skills is, IT IS STILL USELESS if you did not take advantage on risk transfer instruments!”


Take advantage of our quality :

a) medical card

b) education plans

c) endowment/saving plans

d) MLTAs

and e) life assurance

to transfer your risks. You deserve to the best care without burning your hard earned money. After all, you are not investing your assets for doctors to profit.

In short, we offer a strong and FULL network of financial services to grow and protect your wealth.